Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Combat Casualty

Sgt Boloy had been away for a combat assignment in Mindanao for about 6 months when he got wounded in a fierce firefight with the bandits.

He was brought to the AFP Medical Center in V-Luna, Quezon City for treatment.

As a combat casualty, he was treated like a hero. The military hospital has a special place for combat casualties named Heroes Ward.

Due to his fractured leg bone, the physicians attached some steel frames to his leg. It looked like a TV antenna that was directly hinged to his bone.

He always needed help to move around. Aside from his buddy who was sent by his Company Commander to assist him, his wife, Gloria, also visited once in a while.

After a month in the hospital, Sgt Boloy was getting thinner despite the fact that his wound was already healing.

 He did not want to eat. He had no appetite.

His wife came to motivate him. She knew his favorite Filipino dishes.

"Do you want me to cook adobong manok?"

"What about 'shu-tu-kil' (sugba-tula-kilaw)?"

"Hmmmmmm. Pinangat? Dinaldalem? Sapi-itom? Homba? Calderetang kambing?"

Still, Sgt Boloy seemed uninterested. He couldn't be motivated.

Gloria became irritated. She did not want his beloved Boloy to die of hunger.

She couln't think of anything to motivate his warrior-husband.

Out of the blue, she thought of one last solution.

"You're not taking anything. What do you really want? Sex??!!"

"Sweeeeeetheart, let's try it pleaseeeeeeeeeee!".

 Boloy was smiling like a clown.

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